Friday, July 15, 2005

The new job

Being a special kinda person, I need another job to keep me going.
I've just been through a number of days of training, 1) met one of the most undiverse trainer, 2)the quietest class of people and 3) the most boring subject in the world.

Lets look at them in a little more detail...

1) Training in the police is on the whole designed to make you feel comfortable. Designed to establish an environment where differing views can be offered in safety. This is accomplished through a good trainer.
This training, not being the police, was a whole different thing. The trainer would put you on the spot to try and embarrass you, believed somehow that sexual orientation was a thing to laugh about and couldn't be discriminatory, and was at times just rude.

2) I'm a loud person, I make no bones, but why, in a class for 6 - 7 people am I pretty much the only one answering the trainer?? The only reason I'm answering is because I wanted it to end!! And you guys are gonna be dealing with the public??? God help us!!

3) Boring, because I've done it before, boring because it doesn't relate to my job and just boring!!

Put me into my job, tell me the basics, give me and hour to play and I'll have cracked it. Don't make me sit through tripe for days learning nothing!

Rant over.


Two 16 hour days

After the events in London last week, I ended up getting called into Mytown to provide some public reassurance ...( me??? reassuring the public??) which in the end led to 16 hours doing a variety of things. The following day was a similar day but for different reasons!

I can only look and realise how professional the emergency services are in London and across the country and how they are working to clear up after this atrocity.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

What's the point of sending me to a good job??

In Myshire you have three types of drivers.

Basic - Those who can just about drive a car! If it weren't for the fact we covered such a large area, we probably wouldn't be allowed to look at one! But basic drivers are just that, able to drive a car without using any blue lights or two tones.

Sector - Those who have almost found the holy grail and who can operate the flashing lights and sirens. Only just however! No pursuit, so if someone decides to do one, then you let them go. So you can go to jobs that are "immediates".

Advanced - Well, these have found the holy grail taken the wings and stuck a steering wheel between them. They're the traffic guys, or old zulu drivers if you're old enough! They can do just about anything on the road!

The reason I make this explanation is that today, it was just a basic driver I was with. So no blues, no twos, no getting their as fast as humanly possible!
On atleast 4 occasions, we were sent to "immediates" (those jobs that are deemed by control, Well that's a whole other post, to be of such a nature to require officers there ASAP!!) where we were at completely the wrong end of town, and at rush hour, you're still making an immediate, stuck in traffic, obeying all the laws and following all the rules.
I have to ask myself, why does the force not train more up! We've got response times to meet, yet we can't because we're not allowed to!

Oh, I ask you. I don't want basic drivers driving like lunatics, I just want more sector drivers, but it seem like too much to ask.

Just one of those things.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The start of a descending slope

Having too much time on my hands is a problem!
Having so much that annoys me is something I like to talk about!

So I've gone and done it, I've started the ball rolling down that slippery slope into the ether and created this blog.

I'm a police officer, one of the special variety, and whilst I'd love you all to know who I am and where I'm from, I know it's not a great idea, so I'll leave it at that for now, and enjoy reading!