Thursday, July 07, 2005

What's the point of sending me to a good job??

In Myshire you have three types of drivers.

Basic - Those who can just about drive a car! If it weren't for the fact we covered such a large area, we probably wouldn't be allowed to look at one! But basic drivers are just that, able to drive a car without using any blue lights or two tones.

Sector - Those who have almost found the holy grail and who can operate the flashing lights and sirens. Only just however! No pursuit, so if someone decides to do one, then you let them go. So you can go to jobs that are "immediates".

Advanced - Well, these have found the holy grail taken the wings and stuck a steering wheel between them. They're the traffic guys, or old zulu drivers if you're old enough! They can do just about anything on the road!

The reason I make this explanation is that today, it was just a basic driver I was with. So no blues, no twos, no getting their as fast as humanly possible!
On atleast 4 occasions, we were sent to "immediates" (those jobs that are deemed by control, Well that's a whole other post, to be of such a nature to require officers there ASAP!!) where we were at completely the wrong end of town, and at rush hour, you're still making an immediate, stuck in traffic, obeying all the laws and following all the rules.
I have to ask myself, why does the force not train more up! We've got response times to meet, yet we can't because we're not allowed to!

Oh, I ask you. I don't want basic drivers driving like lunatics, I just want more sector drivers, but it seem like too much to ask.

Just one of those things.



Blogger MrTeacher said...

Welcome to the Anonymous Work Blogs blogring. Sorry it's taken me so long to add you, but it's been exam season here and I've been swamped with work.

8:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Ourshire we've all been downgraded if we're not in uniform. The insurance premium has gone down by almost 12 pence a year.
Remember when an 'assistance' shout meant everybody, even the cleaners would turn out if they were near a car?
Not any more? Get your head caved in, you've had UDT training therefore you aren't an insurace risk!!

1:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the same in my force, control haven't got a clue and we get asked to attend 'blues and twos' all the time even though we're only standard response. Twats.

9:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you have the responsibility of controling 20 incidents at a time in the Division with only 5 response cars,drunken idiots who 'pay their taxes' on the phone demanding immidiate police attendance and listening to Mr Jones beat the living crap out of Mrs Jones and there isnt anything you can do, trying to meet the constant intel checks,PNC checks etc etc etc that you guys out there demand as you seem to think that the whole control room was set up soley to provide you with an exclusive service, just think to yourselves why control are sending you to that job. yes we know that you have to go accross town as non response at rush hour, but it isnt my fault that you are not trained, its just that you beleive it or not are the only one available and at the end of the day, you gotta go my friend. Stop the whining and get on with it. We would all like to see more police but it isnt going to happen. Control take hell of a lot of stick from you guys on the phone and we defend you ALL the time! Just remember that we have bosses giving us just as much grief as you get. Twat!

3:01 am  
Blogger Mr Stamp said...

Thanks for your comments mate, but I don't believe in this post I was making any comment about you guys in control being bad at your job or unable to do it.
I was making a general observation about the way Myshire have set up their driving policies so that we don't have enough sector drivers to make all of the immediates.

Maybe before you bandy around generic insults, you'll consider re-reading the post and understand the intent of the post.
I like you guys in the control, I spend a lot of time in there understanding how difficult it actually can be.
However you are there to provide officers on the street with a service by giving PNC checks and intel checks and the like.

Get off your high horse.


10:41 pm  
Blogger M2KB said...

I think his post was aimed at a comment, rather than you :)

Nice blog, by the way.

3:54 am  
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